The ISOBM Abbott award


The ISOBM Abbott award will be given to anyone in the international scientific or medical community, not necessarily an ISOBM society member, who has made an outstanding contribution in the field of basic or clinical oncology. Nominations for this award can be sent to a member of the ISOBM Executive BOARD. The text of the address given by the Awardee at the Society's Annual Congress will be published in the Society's Journal "Tumor Biology".


will be presented to




The ISOBM Young investigator awards

ISOBM will award the presenting authors of the best 5 scored Abstracts submitted to the Congress by Young Investigators less than 37 Years, 1000 Euros each per Award.


CME Accreditation

An application for CME accreditation has been applied.

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Scientific Program

Scientific Topics


v  Prevention and Early Detection of Cancer

v  News in Liquid Biopsies and their clinical potential for Cancer

v  Therapeutic potential and advances in Extracellular Vesicles (Exosomes)

v  New treatments, Targeted therapies, Immunotherapy

v  Genome Sequencing, NGS, for Cancer detection and Treatment strategies

v  Characterization of Circulating BiomarkersCell free Nucleic Acids

     (cfDNAs, RNAs(

v  Precision / personalized treatments

v  Digital Pathology and new Imaging techniques

v  Assessment and prediction of response in Cancer patients by Biomarkers

v  State of the art and trends in the clinical use of Cancer Biomarkers

    (genomic analysis, mutational analysis, activation pathways)

v  News in Immuno-therapies for Melanoma and other Cancers

v  Predictive Biomarkers for Immunotherapy

v  Biomarkers for Lymphoma, Leukemia, Multiple Myeloma

v  Clinical trials of new therapeutic agents

v  Microbiome -based precision Medicine

v  Biobanking- role in clinical  cancer research

v  Quality assesment of Cancer tests

v  Tumor Microenvironment, invasion potential, metastases




Target Audience


Medical oncologists, Surgical oncologists, Radiologists, Radiotherapists,

Clinical chemists\Biochemists,

Dermatologists, Cancer nurses, Cancer researchers, Immunologists, R&D personnel,

Startup companies, Industry leaders, Regulation leaders